PermaNet® Screen

Enjoy long-term protection against mosquitoes with PermaNet® Screen, the only insecticidal screen that kills mosquitoes by contact.

How It Works

PermaNet Screen is a long lasting insecticidal screen that kills mosquitoes. PermaNet® Screen can be used around people and pets. The screen is made from polyethylene.

Mosquitoes die after they come into contact with the insecticide on the surface of the screen.

The polyethylene is embedded with deltamethrin, the same insecticide used in insecticide treated bednets.

PermaNet® Screen is ideal for commercial and residential fences, as well as along the railings of porches and decks to provide long-term mosquito protection, whilst maintaining air flow.

The insecticide migrates from inside the screen fabric to the outside and continuously regenerates to the surface for at least two years.

PermaNet® Screen should be installed in shaded areas behind vegetation, around the crawl space of a building where mosquitoes rest, near mosquito breeding spots (drains, bird baths, standing water, used tires) and near areas where people congregate (seating areas, porches, decks)

PermaNet® Screen Advantage


Provides protection from biting mosquitoes around children.

Public Areas and Parks

Outdoor mosquito control by reducing nuisance biting.

Open-Air Dining

Keeps customers comfortable and coming back.

Health Facilities

Controls mosquitoes that can transmit Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya and West Nile Virus.

UV protected PermaNet® Screen is designed for outdoor use


Decks & Porches

Swimming Pools

Recreational, Picnic Areas & Outdoor Dining

Construction Sites

Schools & Universities

PermaNet® Screen Uses

Targeted intervention kills mosquitoes when they come into contact with the insecticide.

Effectively kills mosquitoes by contact, including Aedes mosquitoes that may transmit the Zika virus.

Suitable for use around people and pets, as it contains insecticide approved by the World Health Organization for use on bednets.

Large mesh size enables good air flow.

UV-protected and long-lasting insecticidal effect for at least two years even with repeated exposure to sunlight.

Cost effective long-lasting protection from disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Outdoor mosquito protection for communities, businesses, health facilities, recreational settings and schools.

Easy to install and maintain in a manner similar to installation of privacy barriers.

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