PermaNet® Screen


PermaNet® Screen is the first and only long-lasting insecticidal screen that protects people from being bitten by mosquitoes by killing them by contact. It can be used at home on porches, decks and fences and at public outdoor settings including pools, recreational facilities, schools, industrial facilities, and construction sites.

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At Home

  • As a door or window screen
  • On patios and decks
  • Integrated into existing fences
  • Around water features
  • Over drains and crawl spaces
  • Around a swimming pool

Commercial Use

  • Playgrounds and recreational facilities
  • Tennis courts and pools
  • Open air dining and shopping destinations
  • Industrial facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Schools, universities and health facilities

Livestock Protection

  • Around indoor and outdoor pens
  • Attached to stalls
  • On corral fences
  • Surrounding stable entrances
  • Pasture fences
  • Pig pens

How It Works

PermaNet® Screen is the only insect screen available that kills mosquitoes. The screen is made from polyethylene. The polyethylene contains a reservoir of the WHO approved insecticide, deltamethrin. The insecticide migrates from inside the screen fabric to the outside and continuously regenerates to the surface for at least two years. Mosquitoes die when they come into contact with the insecticide on the surface of the screen.

How It Works

So Many Uses

The Benefits of PermaNet® Screen

Cost effective, targeted intervention; kills mosquitoes by contact!

Offers dual protection with a physical and chemical barrier.

Large mesh size = good air flow without obstructing the view.

Easy to install and maintain in a manner similar to privacy barriers.

Provides UV-protected long-lasting consistent insecticidal effect for at least 2 years.

Lasts longer than other methods and kills mosquitoes instead of just repelling them.

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