Our Customers


PermaNet® Screen is ideally suited for anyone affected by nuisance mosquitoes outdoors, or concerned about disease carrying mosquitoes in their community.

Schools & Health Facilities

Protect the young, the sick and the elderly from biting mosquitoes without the need to regularly use large quantities of mosquito-fighting chemicals found in spraying and fogging methods.

Retired Living

Protect retired living communities by reducing biting mosquitoes outdoors.

Open-Air Dining & Shopping

PermaNet® Screen is ideal for open-air dining and shopping venues that need to protect patrons from annoying mosquitoes throughout the year. 

Outdoor Recreation

PermaNet® Screen is easy to install around swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts, playgrounds and other outdoor sporting areas, to protect you from mosquitoes.

Municipalities & Government Agencies

We have taken the technology from Long Lasting Insecticidal nets used for malaria prevention and adapted it for use as a screen that kills mosquitoes by contact. Municipalities and government agencies can be confident that PermaNet® Screen will continue to kill mosquitoes for at least two years, while saving important budget dollars.