PermaNet® Screen


Long Lasting Protection

PermaNet® Screen is the first and only long-lasting insecticidal screen that kills mosquitoes by contact so you'll finally be able to reduce the number of mosquitoes outdoors with an easy-to-install, simple solution that provides protection from biting mosquitoes.

Designed For Outdoors

UV-protected PermaNet® Screen is formulated to provide insecticidal activity for at least 24 months and can be used outdoors to provide protection from mosquitoes at schools, health facilities, open-air businesses, outdoor recreation spaces, and homes.

Cost effective

PermaNet® Screen can be deployed as part of a comprehensive vector control plan that specifically targets mosquitoes, as opposed to some other mosquito control measures that need to be repeated regularly and indiscriminately spread large amounts of insecticide into the environment.

  • Active Ingredients

    PermaNet® Screen, containing deltamethrin insecticide, has been specially formulated using patented insecticide release technology. The screen kills mosquitoes (that can transmit Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya and West Nile Virus) that may negatively affect human well-being and quality of life. Mosquitoes are killed when they land on the screen where they contact and absorb the insecticide. Ideal for commercial and residential fences, as well as along the railings of porches and decks to provide long-term mosquito protection, whilst maintaining air flow.

    EPA Reg. No. 85787-1
    EPA Est. No. 92645-VNM-1


  • Directions for Use

    It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Wear waterproof, rubber or non-permeable protective gloves when handling PermaNet® Screen. Apply PermaNet® Screens prior to start of mosquito season or every 24 months. PermaNet® Screen are pretreated with insecticide and no retreatment is required/ possible.
  • Installation

    Additional tools required: plastic ties or fence fasteners. Ensure the fastener is long enough to fit around your fence post. Feed the plastic ties or fence fasteners through the grommet spacing to securely attach PermaNet® Screen to fences or railings of decks and porches. Particular attention should be paid to installing PermaNet® Screen in shaded areas behind vegetation, around the crawl space of a building where mosquitoes rest, near mosquito breeding spots (drains, bird baths, standing water, used tires) and near areas where people congregate (seating areas, porches, decks).

    Applying PermaNet® Screen onto a straight fence plastic tie one side, pull the material all the way across and plastic tie the other end and then plastic tie the remaining grommets. Applying PermaNet® Screen to fence with corners/sides plastic tie one end and work your way across the fence to ensure the material “hugs” the fence corners for the best possible fit.

  • Care and Maintenance

    If the PermaNet® Screen gets dirty or dusty, wipe down with a damp cloth with warm water and a mild non-alkaline detergent.
  • Storage and Disposal

    Do not contaminate water, food or feed by storage or disposal. Pesticide storage: Store the product in its original packing until the time of actual use. Store the product in a cool, dry place away from children and pets.

    Pesticide disposal and container handling: Do not reuse the packaging. Do not use the used PermaNet® Screen for any other purpose other than the intended and recommended use. The used PermaNet® Screen can be shredded and then disposed of in the trash.

  • Use Restrictions

    Do not open the original packing until ready to use. Do not allow children to handle the product. The PermaNet® Screen is intended for use only as a carrier of the incorporated insecticide and is not to be taken internally by humans or animals.

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