“July on our front porch is usually intolerable with the amount of bugs, unless we lather up with bug repellent every time we step foot outside or treating the yard with some sort of harsh pesticide. About 6 weeks ago we installed PermaNet® below the railing on our open air front porch and we've experienced a definitive decline in bug bites and a major increase in overall enjoyment of the space.”

“Even at dusk, which used to be a total feeding frenzy is still vastly improved and rarely requires other preventative measures, which is a huge win with the expense, odor and uncomfortable nature of skin applied repellents.”

- Ken and Laura

“So far, the PermaNet® has proven its efficacy to the extent that my household has not used repellent spray at all during this summer. I too notice an immediate mosquito presence while at any neighboring yards that does not have the PermaNet® - It truly is a PermaNet® solution.”

- Chris B.

“Easy install. The screen fabric has some elasticity therefore making the installation very quick and easy. After installing PermaNet® Screen, there were fewer mosquitoes overall and mosquitoes were less aggressive.”

- Shawn & Cher

"Surprisingly easy to install! Noticed a significant change within just three days.”

- Jill